*Note: Adding Customized Scented: We are happy to do this for you however this may hold up your product until the next production run. An easy remedy for this is to order your product as is in the case of hair products. If it is an unscented base, you may easily scent it yourself!
           Shipping - We are experiencing unforeseen issues with our shipping module. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you!!!On any order where the shipping is incorrect, more or less, we will adjust your shipping cost to reflect the true amount to ship your order. We will adjust your order - invoice and you must contact us to pay any additional amounts due. If you are over charged, we will refund the difference. Thank you for your consideration. 
Paraben Free Bases * Skin Care * Natural Hair Care

Wholesale Black Castor Seed Oil Hair Products, a wide variety of premium quality
NATURAL Body Care: Bulk-Wholesale lotion bases, Whipped Argan Body Butter,
Fluffy Butters, Diabetic Skin Care and Wholesale Perfumes, Colognes all at the
best prices for our product type! 

*Note: To continue offering affordable natural products we have some formulation changes. Please look at your ingredients before printing labels. 
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    What our customer have to say:If you are debating to purchase anything from WNBC or their skincare line BoTeaOlgy - DON'T BE.  I have been purchasing all skincare products from BoTeaOlogy for over 5 years.  I am 49 years old and these are the only products I use on my face and body.  I trust this company, the employee's and the owner - they can identify all ingredients and know what they mean - saves me time in looking it all up.  If I have questions or concerns they will address and honestly tell me if a products ingredients will not be good for me - do not buy - they are truly for the customer.  Anytime I want a little something added to the lotions they will gladly do so.  I feel like I have my own personal shopper just for me.  Ash Be Gone and Shea butter are excellent for the skin - just ask them to add your favorite scent or oil and you are in heaven.  I am so happy afterward with the lotions; the scent stays with you all day. These high end ingredients, along with personal touch to the customer and detail of products always make me come back.  I have been tempted to order other skincare and beauty lines but will never trade BoTeaOlgy for another. 

    I just love them and you will too.


    I love WNBC's natural hair care products. They have helped me grow out my hair. I love these products. 

    We offer the best organic lotions, paraben free creams, vegan and natural body care, wholesale cold processed handmade soaps, soap cakes, and yummy smelling cupcake soaps. You will find black castor oil wholesale hair care products, natural hair products, Enjoy our fantastic wholesale body oils that you may use to scent your products with. We are here to help you customize your products the way you want them. At Wholesale Natural Body Care, we offer a fantastic line of Organic Moroccan Argan lotion, Organic Argan Body Butter and many more

    natural luxurious bases to make your own.

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